Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh baby, how adorable

What do you think of my unique big baby head bib I designed. This is a little boy bib but I will have pink girl bibs as well. Needs some tweaks here and there but all in all I think the bib came out really cute. 
I also created other baby bib material designs and sent them off to Spoonflower.com to be printed; should arrive in a couple of weeks. Once I sew them up, I will post pictures of the bibs and they'll be available for sale on my website donnacapozzi.com.

The baby bid along with my congratulations on your new baby boy/girl greeting cards would make an adorable baby gift. 


  1. They really are adorable Donna. Let me know when the bibs come in...Judy Rizzo

  2. Hi Judy, Can't wait for the material to come in so I can get sewing. Thanks!

  3. Donna, These are just the cutest!

  4. These are really cute!! Maria