Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mustard marigolds and hot dogs

I was eating a hot dog with mustard one day trying to come up with a name for this fabric I designed. I was thinking pretty flowers, fun florals with dots, fancy dancy flowers,......BORING!

I look down and see several drops of mustard that dripped on my shirt (typical) and BAM......mustard polka dot marigolds!

Now I'm thinking of starting a line of fabric designs named after food.
How does sauerkraut sunflowers sound.


  1. Donna, I think this design is fantastic! I love the birth of the idea, it's perfect. I don't see why you can't start of line of food material! I love everything about this design - it's so eye catching. Can't wait to see teh "sauerkraut sunflowers" design! -- Peggie

  2. Brilliant! I am looking forward to seeing the new creations.

  3. Love the new idea for the food design material. Sounds like a winner.
    Looking forward to seeing the sauerkraut sunflower design. Very creative idea.